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Đọc bài viết

* Personal Identification

1. What’s your name?

2. What’s your full name?

3. What’s your surname (last name = family name)?

4. How do you spell your name (first name) / last name?

5. How old are you?

6. Where are you from?

7. When were you born? = What’s your date of birth?

8. Where were you born? = What’s your place of birth?

9. Where do you live? = What’s your address?

10. What’s your job? = What do you do? = What’s your occupation?

11. Are you a student?

12. Where do you study? = Where are you studying?

13. How do you go/ get to college (school)?

14. How far is it from your house to college (school)?

15. How long does it take you to get to college/ university (school)?

16. Are you married?

17. Are you single or married?

18. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

19. Have you got any brothers or sisters?

20. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

21. How many people (members) are there in your family?

22. Who are they?

23. What does your father do? = What’s your father’s job?

24. What does your mother do? = What’s your mother’s job?

1. English Language

1.      Why do you learn English?

2.      How long have you learnt English?

3.      What difficulties have you got when you learn English?

4.      How do you do to overcome your difficulties in learning English?

5.      According to you, which language skill is the most difficult in English-learning?

6.      Where do you often learn English?

7.      With whom do you often practise speaking English?

8.      Which materials do you use to learn English?

9.      What equipment do you often use to learn English?

10. How is English helpful to you in the present time?


2. Career and Jobs

1.      What is your major?

2.      What kind of job do you want to do when you finish your study in Angiang University?

3.      Why do you want to do that job?

4.      How do you do to apply for that job?

5.      Where do you want to work after your graduation?

6.      How can English help you in your job?

7.      How much salary do you want to be paid every month when you apply for a job?

8.      According to you, what is the most important qualification for an employee?

9.      How do you do to have a job interview?

10. What do you say in your job interview?


3. Computer

1.      Have you got a computer?

2.      Do you know how to use it?

3.      Do you like working on the computer? Why?

4.      What do you often do with a computer?

5.      How long do you work on the computer for a day?

6.      Have you got any health problems when working on the computer?

7.      According to you, how is the computer useful to you?

8.      What technical problems do you often have when you use your computer?

9.      What do you do to overcome your technical problems?

10. Have you got a laptop?


4. Study and School Life

1.      What is your major?

2.      Why do you choose that major?

3.      Have you got any difficulties in your study in the present time?

4.      Where do you live at present?

5.      What do you think about student life?

6.      According to you, what are advantages of the student life?

7.      What are disadvantages of the student life?

8.      What do you do to overcome difficulties in your student life if any?

9.      Can you cook?

10. What do you think about student love in the campus?


5. Media

1.      In your opinion, what is “Media”?

2.      What kinds of media do you know?

3.      What kind of media do you often use in your daily life?

4.      How do you use media to help yourself on life and study?

5.      What kind of media do you like most?

6.      Can you explain the reason why you like it?

7.      Have you got a hand phone?

8.      How much money do you spend on your handphone in a month?

9.      Do you how how to use the internet?

10. What do you often do on the internet?


6. Travel and Holidays?

1.      Do you like traveling?

2.      Which places did you travel to?

3.      What do you often do in your trips?

4.      What have you learnt from your trips?

5.      When do you often travel?

6.      Whom do you like traveling with?

7.      What holidays do you like most in a year?

8.      In your holidays, where do you often travel?

9.      Why do you choose those places?

10. How much money you do often spend in each trip?


7. Traffic and Transportation?

1.      Have you got a motorbike?

2.      How do you travel in your daily life?

3.      How much money do you often spend on your traveling in a month?

4.      What means of transportation do you like most?

5.      Why do you like that means of transportation?

6.      Have you had any traffic accident?

7.      Could you tell me about that traffic accident?

8.      What do you think about the traffic situation in our country?

9.      In your view, what should we do to solve traffic problems in our country?

10. What should we do to avoid traffic accidents?


8. City vs. Countryside

1.      Where are you from?

2.      What do you think about your homeland?

3.      Where do you like living, a city or the countryside?

4.      Why do you like living there?

5.      According to you, what are advangtages of living in a city?

6.      What are disadvangtages of living in a city?

7.      What should we do to overcome disadvantages of life in a city?

8.      What are advangtages of living in the countryside?

9.      What are disadvangtages of living in the countryside?

10. What should we do to overcome disadvantages of life in the countryside?


 9. Health

1.      Have you got any health problems?

2.      What sicknesses do you often have?

3.      What do you often do when you get sick?

4.      In your view, why do we get sick?

5.      What should we do to be healthy?

6.      What kinds of food are good for health?

7.      What kinds of food are bad for health?

8.      What kinds of drink should we drink to keep our health?

9.      Do you often do body exercises in the morning?

10. What kinds of sports do you like playing to keep your health?


10. Environmental Pollution

1.      In your opinion, what is pollution?

2.      How many major kinds of pollution?

3.      Why are the water resources polluted?

4.      Who are responsible for water pollution?

5.      What is the outcome of water pollution?

6.      According to you, what should we do to solve water pollution?

7.      Why is air polluted?

8.      Who are responsible for air pollution?

9.      According to you, what should we do to solve air pollution?

10. Last of all, what should we do to solve noise pollution?